Join the Rewards ProgramHello, wonderful people! Today, we’re diving into a world where your ideas are valued and rewarded. Welcome to the Rewards program, where your opinion is not only heard but celebrated with fantastic prizes.

Take CVS Health Survey


Take CVS Health Survey

The Joy of Giving Feedback and Getting RewardedHave a special place in your heart for CVS Health? Now, you can help make it even better! With Rewards, you can share your thoughts and win great prizes at the same time.

The Value of Feedback

Why should you care? Because your voice matters! You’re not just a customer; you’re a hero of progress. Imagine the joy of knowing that your feedback is helping create a better experience for everyone at CVS Health. That’s the power of your voice!

Let’s dive into what makes this rewards program stand out.

Take CVS Health Survey

The Bounty of Rewards

What’s in it for you? Exciting prizes, including:

  • Annual Prizes: 24 gifts in total—12 from the US Pool and 12 from the Canada Pool.
  • Monthly Entry: You have a whole month to enter each drawing, providing ample time to participate.
  • Gift Cards: A total of 52 $10 CVS Health gift cards are up for grabs, each adding up to a substantial $520.
  • Total Market Value: The total value of the prizes is estimated at $12,480. Incredible, right?

Winner Selection Process

Take CVS Health Survey

How are winners chosen? Here’s the magic behind it:

  • Random Drawings: Winners are selected through random drawings.
  • Administrator Role: An administrator will step in to select potential winners.
  • Eligibility: Following the Official Rules is crucial for making someone’s day.

A Little Something for Canadian Participants

Canadian friends, get ready for a unique twist! You’ll face a fun math question as part of the process. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun.


CVS Health values your opinion tremendously. It’s not just about the amazing gifts, though they’re certainly a great incentive. It’s about making your experience and the experiences of others even better. Are you ready to start your Rewards journey? Together, let’s create magic, one survey at a time!

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